The Rodes Family Biggest Loser New Year 2014

We are all losers!!!

                        DIET SOLUTIONS Program

This week, Aunt Kathy shared the information she received from DIET SOLUTIONS - an online informational source, as well as program to help achieve success in dieting.  Please see the information below.  


Start with reading the newsletters, and than begin reading the Materials provided in the materials folder.  I started with the Quick Start Guide, and am going to take the metabolic test today to continue on...  Try not to read all at once, as it can get VERY overwhelming.  


See the box below to download the different files from the folders below:


Or, you can access the materials from Aunt Kathy here:

Happy Reading Everyone!!!  And keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

**Special thanks to Aunt Kathy for providing this info!!!  


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