The Rodes Family Biggest Loser New Year 2014

We are all losers!!!


...On joining The Rodes Family BIGGEST LOSER Competition!

Rules are listed below... and in the meantime - take a little time to explore the site, and all of the information we have gathered since the first competition!  Use it, that is what it is here for!  Not only is it motivating, but it is helpful!!!

The Biggest Loser New Year 2014 begins FRIDAY, January 10th, 2014!!! 

SO here are the basics:  

13 Weeks beginning Friday, January 10th through Friday, April 4th (4/4 being the FINAL weigh in!).  

Every Friday, please log into the website ( and click on the Weigh in date along the left side.  It is here that you will post your current weight for the week, as well as any pounds lost (or gained ;-()   We go off the honor system in our posts, so remember, if you pad your loss, your only hurting yourself. 

I will keep track of everyone’s weight on a weekly basis, and who owes money into the pot each week. Whoever loses the LEAST amount that week owes $5.00 into the pot.  I will send out reminders every Thursday for the next day's weigh in.    

*NEW FOR THIS YEAR – we will now go by least amount of body percent lost per week.  Nothing changes for you – you still log in and post your current weight and any pounds lost or gained.  I will calculate and provide results.

*We will also have a PRIVATE Facebook group for anyone that joins and is on Facebook and wants the extra place to share recipes/workouts/general information/gripes and groans and victories! Once you join – I will add you to the group.  (the group is private and you can only join by my add, so no one else in your friends list will see what you post, or even that you are part of this group).

It is important that you weigh in each Friday and remember to log in and post, to be consistent. If I do not have your weigh in by MIDNIGHT SATURDAY, you will also add $5.00 to the pot for that week.  THIS YEAR - IF YOU DO NOT WEIGH IN FOR 2 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS, YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED NO LONGER IN THE COMPETITION.  You WILL be responsible for any money you owe up to the point that you drop out.  

I will send out a results Monday/Tuesday after weigh in with everyone’s report, and who owes for the week. 

At the end of the 13 weeks, after all weigh-in's have been accounted for - the person who loses the largest percentage of their body weight win’s the pot!  The pot will be atleast $60.00 (and could vary depending on if people weigh in on time or not)!

PLEASE DO NOT join the competition if you cannot commit to the entire 13 weeks of the competition or if you cannot commit to paying your total at the end of the competition - this is not fair to the person that wins! I will collect the money at the end of the competition.

Feel free to use whatever methods (diet and exercise) you think will work for you, no restrictions (*except surgery! – people who have had the surgery in the past CAN participate, I just mean that you can’t go and have the surgery DURING the competition…  cause, well, that is just really extreme for $60.00!  HAHA!). 

FRIDAY, January 10th will be the first official weigh-in - in which you will post to the website your starting weight.

I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to participate!  

Many thanks, and Here's to getting/and staying healthy over the fall season!!!!

DISCLAIMER 1:  the rules of this contest have already been ironed out, and are in place as of today.  If you have any input/suggestions/opinions on how we are running the competition, please keep them to yourself and choose not to participate.  Otherwise - why not join in the fun!

DISCLAIMER 2:  Oh, and if you commit to the competition now, you are committing to the full 13 weeks.  Again, if you feel you will not be able to do this, be it physically or financially - please do not participate! I will hunt you down for weigh in info every week once you commit ;-)!  

Registering for the website information:

Click on the link: and hit "Register".  Fill out the info and you will be a member of our site!

Since I own/created the site, you are just registering with me, so no spam or anything.  Only weekly emails to remind about weigh in, and to let people know who owes money.

Once you register, you can explore the site.  When posting your current weight for this week - follow these instructions:

·  Click the "Calendar" button along the top

·  Click on "Post Beginning Weight Here" on Friday, May 6th.  

·  In the COMMENTS section, post your starting weight.  

Hit Submit and your good to go! 

Also, even if you do not want to participate, feel free to sign up on the site, and follow our progress!  (I also have it on good authority that the Blog section is FULL of great information ;-)

You all can post pics to the photos section, and also send me any links you find that can help motivate us, or recipes, or whatever and I can post them.

 Don't forget, no matter who comes out on top...

We are all BIG LOSERS!!!


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