The Rodes Family Biggest Loser New Year 2014

We are all losers!!!


...on joining The Rodes Family Biggest Loser "New Year 2014" Competition!

Today is our FINAL weigh in! Please click on the "Calendar" tab at the top of the screen. Once there, click on the "WEIGH IN" link for today - Friday, April 4 - and add your current weight along with any pounds lost/gained as of today in the comments section. 

While you are here, you can also check out the Links section, which I have posted some links on popular weight loss sites/programs - check 'em out.  And if you have any you want me to add, please email me the link and I will get it up. 

The Diet Solutions section is Thanks to Aunt Kathy - she is sharing all of the information she received/receives, and you can download PDF's of that information from this section of the site.  Some of it is lengthy, so you might want to check it out before printing all of it.  Thanks Again Aunt Kath - I know it has been helpful for me!! 

The photos section is where you can post photos, create photo albums, share photos... whatever you want to do.  I was half tempted to take some BEFORE shots in a bikini and post them for motivation, but I don't think anyone wants to look at that at this time (however, in three months, I just might!)!  HA! Ha! 

Also, we also have a Blog section.  We can all sign in and add content to the blog area.  Just click on the "New Entry" button at the top of the blog screen and add what you want.  Feel free to post your feelings for the first week, what you are trying, what is working/not working, new recipes, and any ideas you might have.   Be sure to check  out the blogs already posted from the last round.  You might just find something to motivate, or interest you! 

You might also notice a Friend Request option on your member page (once you sign in, click on your name in the right column - it will take you to your profile).  This works sort of like Facebook in the sense that when you friend someone, you can comment on their posts from their profile, or be updated when they post something.  This is not connected to Facebook, unless you log in with Facebook Connect - and even than, you have to check the box under your post if you want to post it to Facebook.  

While I know we are all in competition, I feel strongly that by interacting with one another - supporting one another, we can all succeed in getting healthier, and happier in our quest to be The Rodes Family Biggest Loser!!!

Good luck, and be sure to check back for updates to the site!


 Don't forget, no matter who comes out on top

We are all BIG LOSERS!!!

*I am not a doctor/nutritionist, etc.  This website does not provide medical advice.  This site is my opinion.  You should check with your doctor/physician before making any lifestyle changes.  Please see the Disclaimer page for more information.